fredag 19 april 2013

Professor Luisa Passerini: Oral History, Cultural Memory and Historical Dialogue

April 23, 10.00–12.00

Venue: the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies, Stockholm University
The lecture is organized by the Research School of Studies in Cultural History.

April 23, the Research School of Studies in Cultural History will be visited by Luisa Passerini, Professor of Cultural History at Turin University, Visiting Professor in the Oral History Masters Program at Columbia University, New York, and previously External Professor of History at the European University Institute, Florence.

With her presentation, ‘Oral History, Cultural Memory and Historical Dialogue,’ prof. Passerini has been asked to open up a discussion concerning questions such as:

  • How history can become a dialogue with the past;
  • History as an engagement with the past and present world;
  • The traps of writing – history as dialogue and as text.

These questions are connected to prof. Passerini’s work on many levels, running from her choice of research projects, over her engagement with informants in the creation of sources through oral history interviews, to her experiments with modes of historical writing.

While prof. Passerini’s work touches upon the combination of materials and perspectives that also has become typical for the multidisciplinary Research School of Studies in Cultural History, she is especially renowned for her contribution to the laying of a theoretical foundation for oral history. Prof. Passerini has devoted attention to the use of psychoanalytic insights for cultural analysis and for history writing. In the field of methodology she has given particular attention to the connections between sources, objects and methods, and techniques of interpretation of sources for the history of subjectivity. The exploration of narrative forms has often led prof. Passerini beyond the traditional boundaries of history, leading to hybrid forms of narration between autobiography and fiction.

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